Kathleen Marie "Kathy" Ireland (born March 20, 1963) is an American former-model, actress, entrepreneur, CEO and designer of her eponymous brand product marketing company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide.[More at Wikipedia]
Company Overview: In 1993, Ireland put her name on a line of socks. After they proved a best-seller for Kmart, the retailer gave Ireland her own clothing line.[7] She then founded "Kathy Ireland Worldwide," a brand product marketing company in which she holds a majority stake.[8] By 2004, Ireland was marketing products from 16 manufacturers, including those of Standard Furniture.[7][9] Ireland's long-term exclusive contract with K-mart Corporation lasted until 2003, after which the company contracted with thousands of independent mid-tier retail stores for distribution.[10] By 2005, KIWW products were sold at over...[More]
Bio: CEO & Chief Designer of kiWW. Fashion model before birth of social media. We Teach. Inspire. Empower. Make Our World Better. https://t.co/9C2lSuV8nz
Location: California, USA